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As a long-standing partner with several market-leading manufacturers, Banning offers our clients a combination of increased customer service, superior flexibility, and a high level of technical expertise at competitive rates.

What makes Banning so unique is our inherent customer service and our superior attention to detail. We are innovative leaders who offer complete end-to-end support and provide personalized service to all of our customers. Banning is here to help you succeed, to maximize your efficiency and improve your bottom line performance.

Data Center

Banning Contracting Services’ expertise in technical data enables our team to streamline the design process as well as specify, install and manage the increasingly complex infrastructure to optimize your data center.

We design comprehensive, intelligent data centers to deliver scalable, physical infrastuctures and integrations, including:

  • Cable management and deployment
  • Capacity management for improved real-estate utilization
  • Operational efficiency through process improvement
  • Visibility and control for managing/automating real-time data processes and documentation
  • Intelligent software and panels for easier use
  • Fiber and copper technologies to improve systems


Banning Contracting Services understands that an ever-changing technology is reshaping the educational field. That is why Banning works together with educational institutions around the world to integrate and utilize the latest in technology. Our advanced designs and install networks provide for reliably-powered high-bandwidths and are built to surpass the future high-throughput requirements of new e-learning experiences. Whether you teach through video streaming or other multimedia applications, Banning IT can help create the right network for you.


Banning is committed to serving both our country and our nation’s active and retired military. As an SDVO, we are very proud to provide high end, low cost services to the Veterans Administration and all branches of the military.

Banning Contracting Services, Inc. has been verified by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) and an extensive onsite investigation as a CVE SDVOSB. We instill in all our employees the guiding principles of honesty, integrity and excellence to provide honest and simplified verifications for investigators.

As a Certified HUBZone and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Banning Contracting Services provides Government agencies with a least-cost, high performance delivery partner. We have close relations to most major suppliers and our partnerships include the largest in information technology and telephone systems manufacturers.


Banning offers a keen insight into your company’s unique financial applications. We design and infrastructure systems to:

  • Improve risk management
  • Provide real-time data and service delivery
  • Support compliances
  • Improve reliability
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Provide scalable technology
  • Secure systems
  • Provide operational visibility

Health Care

Banning Contracting Services recognizes the need for healthcare facilities to utilize technology and automate business and clinical processes. Let our qualified and experienced staff design an infrastructure that gives scalability to your clinic’s systems.

Our team can integrate stronger systems to support the use of portable and mobile devices; monitor critical applications; and reference workplace requirements in order to extend your network access facility-wide.

Industrial Technology

Banning Contracting Services designs systems that meet IP65 and 67 ratings for industrial applications and environments, eliminating dust, liquid and chemical exposure that could cause network outages.

Whether your company is Utility, OSP, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Military, Automotive, or Automation, all organizations need to take steps to safeguard their network infrastructures and deliver the best in innovative technology.

Solar Energy

Banning Contracting Services can design and deploy critical control, power and network-distributed systems to maximize the creation and delivery of solar-derived electricity.

Solar energy has been identified as a reliable, renewable, available and key energy resource. Banning is proud to be a part of creating maximum-performance assemblies of solar panels and realizes the importance of conserving natural resources while providing the best return-on-investment to our clients.


With new airports being designed from the ground up, structured cabling for all applications has become an integral part of building design from the earliest stages.

Banning Contracting Services can design a unique combination of wired or wireless Ethernet networking products with both copper and fiber optic cabling that are built to last in the harshest environments. We also create data-management systems and optimize life-dependent operational systems. Our goal is to enhance your business’ capabilities and enrich the lives of your employees and customers.

Wind Energy

The world is rapidly growing in its need for power generation, and Banning IT Solutions can help you to utilize the latest in wind energy technology. Banning understands how critical a consistent, secure, and stable system is in the wind energy industry, and we are proud to provide detailed designs and installation on wind energy systems for your company.