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America’s Network
General Interest Telecommunications Magazine.

Online resource for information on automated building technologies.

Broadband Guide
Magazine providing product information for the coax cable segment of the industry.

Building Operating Management
Magazine for building owners and operators.

Cabling Business Magazine
Magazine focused on the premise cabling marketplace.

Cabling Installation and Maintenance
Magazine focused on the premise cabling marketplace.

Cabling Standards Update
Quarterly publication that recaps the development and changes in cabling standards

Cabling Systems
Magazine focused on the premise cabling marketplace in Canada.

CEE News
Tools, Tips and Trends for today’s electrical and datacom professional.
On-Line resources for premises wiring users and professionals.

Certification Magazine
Magazine for Information-Technology-certified professionals.

Communication News
General interest telecommunications magazine.

Compliance Engineering
Magazine focused on international regulatory compliance.

Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Magazine for professional engineers who design mechanical / electrical / electronic systems for commercial buildings.

Electrical News
Magazine and online resource for the electrical building & lighting industry.
Website for the electrical industry

The Electronic Blue Book
Online source of regional, categorized construction information.

Electronic House
Consumer-oriented publication dedicated to integrated home electronics.

Facilities Design & Management
Magazine covering the processes, projects and products of facilities management.

Home Automation & Networking Association (HANA)

Internet Telephony
Magazine focused on the implications of the convergence of voice, video, fax and data industries.

IEEE Spectrum
Publication of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

Light Reading
An independent, online resource focused on the optical-networking market.

Magazine focused on fiber-optic communications technology and applications.

Network Computing
General interest, internet-oriented publication.

Network Magazine
Magazine for networking and IT professionals.

Network World
Magazine for networking and IT professionals.

OSP Engineering & Construction
Telecommunications Outside Plant magazine.

Outside Plant Magazine
Telecommunications Outside Plant magazine.

Premises Networks Online
Online resource for the premises cabling industry.

Sound & Communications
Magazine focused on sound issues for systems integrators, contractors and consultants.

Systems Contractor News
Magazine focused primarily on sound, video, security, and data systems.

Magazine focused on service-provider technologies and applications.

Guide to selecting, buying, installing and using telecom equipment and services.

The Industrial Ethernet Book
Publication focused on: factory automation; building automation; process control; industrial Ethernet; Bluetooth; and wireless technologies.

Computer Telephony
General-interest magazine focused on the voice/data communication industry.
Launched industry’s first wireless web portal.

Wireless Integration
Magazine focused on wireless products, services and technologies.

Magazine focused on cutting edge, out of the box technology.

CIO Insight
High-quality publication geared for Chief Information Officers. Very good information.


ABC: Associated Builders and Contractors
High-quality publication geared for Chief Information Officesr. Very good information.

ACUTA: American Colleges & Universities Telecommunications Association
Non-profit association focused on the application of telecommunications technology for higher education.

AFCEA: Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association
Non-profit association serving military communications, electronics, intelligence, and information-systems professionals.

AFE: Association of Facilities Engineering
Association for facility engineers, including electrical and low-voltage.

AIA: American Institute of Architects
Non-profit association serving architects.

APPA: Association of Higher Education Facilities Managers
Non-profit association serving facilities officers and physical-plant administrators.

BICSI: A Telecommunications Association
Non-profit association serving the premise cabling industry.

BOMA: Building Owners & Managers Association
Non-profit association serving building-facility managers and owners.

Building Officials and Code Administrations International
Non-profit association for those interested in the development, maintenance and enforcement of building regulations.

CABA: Continental Automated Buildings Association
Non-profit association focused on home and building automation.

CEBus Industry Council
Non-profit association formed to promote the CEBus interoperability specification for in-home products and networks

CEDIA: Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association
Non-profit trade association of companies specializing in planning and installing electronic systems for the home.

CEMA: Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Assoc.
Non-profit trade association of companies that manufactures consumer electronics (industry sector of EIA).

CSI: Construction Specifications Institute
Organization that develops the MasterFormat document.

CTCA: Canadian Telecommunications Consultants Association
Associations containing useful articles , product announcements and information for Telecom professionals.

EIA: Electronic Industries Association
Broad coalition of non-profit trade associations that focus on the manufacturing of electronic equipment.

FCIA: Fiber Channel Industry Association
Non-profit trade association whose mission is to promote the market development of fibre channel products.

FOA: The Fiber Optic Association
Non-profit association promoting fiber optic education and certification programs.

IAEI: International Association of Electrical Inspectors
Non-profit association focused on the formulation and application of standards for the safe installation and use of electricity.

ICA: International Communications Association
An association of end users of telephony, IT and data network professionals.

ICIA: International Communications industries Association, Inc.
Non-profit trade association for the audiovisual industry, representing manufacturers, dealers, systems integrators, design consultants, and end users.

IEC: Independent Electrical Contractors
Non-profit trade association for independent electrical contractors.

IEC: International Engineering Consortium
Consortium of academics and industry working to foster educational opportunities for the electronic industry.

IEEE: Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers
Non-profit association focused on promoting electrical and information technologies and sciences.

ITU: International Telecommunications Union
International organization that governments and private sectors use to coordinate global telecom networks and services.

IWCS: International Wire and Cable Symposium
Non-profit trade association focused on the manufacturing processes of wire and cable.

MMTA: Multi Media Telecommunications Association
Non-profit trade association focused on the convergence of communications and computing (Industry sector of EIA).

NACC: National Association of Communications Contractors
Provides communications professionals with easy and inexpensive means to become certified.

NARTE: National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers
Non-profit association which certifies engineers in the fields of telecommunications, EMC and ESD.

National Telecommunications Cooperative Association
Magazine representing the voice of rural telephone companies.

NECA: National Electrical Contractors Association
Non-profit association serving unionized (IBEW) electrical contractors.

NFPA: National Fire Protection Association
Non-profit association that writes the NEC (National Electrical Code).

NICET: National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies
Non-profit body that provides voluntary certification programs covering several engineering technology fields.

NSCA: National Systems Contractors Association
Non-profit association focused on low-voltage systems, primarily sound systems.

Dominant standard for Network Delivery of Managed Services to local networks in homes, cars and other Environments.

PEG -Protection Engineers Group
ATIS Committee.

Power Technology
Website for the power industry.

SCTE: Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers
Non-profit association focused primarily on cable (broadband) telecommunications.

STC: Society of Telecommunications Consultants
Non-profit association for consultants on voice and data markets.

TCA: The Information Technology & Telecommunications Association
Non-profit association representing end users of information technologies.

TIA: Telecommunications Industry Association
Non-profit trade association comprised of manufacturers and suppliers. Is primary developer of cabling standards for the US.

U.S. Telecommunications Association
Non-profit trade association promoting independent telephone companies.